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Cabinet making, kitchen manufacture, shop fitting, display manufacture, furniture making, stair making and wardrobe manufacture are but a few industries that have benefitted by embracing Multicam CNC routing machines in their production methods. Multicam CNC woodworking routers and tables are industry proven for their reliability and robustness.

Multicam CNC routing machines are designed from the ground up for the woodworking industry with their extra heavy duty construction. This construction includes a fully welded steel sub frame and a fully welded steel gantry manufactured from 250mmx150mmx5mm wall thickness RHS.

The Steel gantry and steel column supports form a single fabricated piece which provides increased rigidity and reduced vibration. The X axis bearings are mounted directly to the gantry column supports which also improves rigidity, whist the linear rails are mounted horizontally on our specially designed section, which is machined prior to mounting the bearing rails.

All this results in a machine of exceptional rigidity and smoothness of operation guaranteed to provide many years of reliable operation.

Add to this a host of accessories aimed at increasing productivity and reducing work load and you have a system that will deliver exceptional returns on your investment.

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Heavy duty machines in sizes to suit all applications Dual head systems Choose rotary or linear tool changers Multiple "L" drill heads System 25 or 32 gang drill heads Side boring head Chisel heads for square corners Chisel heads for square corners Pop up pins and locators Automatic material loaders Automatic conveyor off-loading system High performance dust collectors Solid carbide tooling for high production Industry leading high performance spindles
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Automatic Tool Changer

Multicam CNC routing machines can be supplied with fully Automatic Tool Changing systems. The Rotary Tool Change unit is mounted on the travelling gantry of the machine which means that a tool change can be performed at any point along the machine process area. As the machine does not need to travel to a fixed point to perform a tool change significant increases in productivity are achieved.

The tool change operation is carried out completely automatically by the Multicam control system and is a must have addition for any company involved in Nested Based Manufacturing.

The unique rotary tool change unit has been designed with speed and safety of operation major considerations. Tool changes are performed well away from the operator with the engaging and disengaging of tooling being fully concealed. These design features mean that Multicam CNC Routing machines meet the demands of occupational health and safety requirements.

Automatic Z Tool Sensor

A standard feature of all model Multicam machines is our Z tool length sensor which automatically measures and records the different lengths of tools in the tool changer and compensates the Z position to suit during machining. All with no operator error or intervention.

The Automatic Tool Tip sensor is used to accurately set tool lengths ensuring consistent depth cutting, even after a tool change.

You can instruct the machine to measure all the tools in the tool changer at once or, in the case of replacing a cutter, simply measure a single tool.

Soft touch feedback and automatically reduced setting speed protects even to most delicate of tools.

Multi Spindle Drill Head Attachments

The multiple drill head attachment are designed to speed up the processing of components that require a large number of holes.

Used primarily for Nested Based Manufacturing applications, and in the Kitchen/cabinetmaking industries, a number of holes are able to be produced in a single Z movement of the head.

By bringing the 25mm and 32 mm hole drilling process for shelving systems onto your CNC Router, you can reduce the material handling and potential damage to your components as a result of multiple location transfers, and at the same time reduce your labour costs by streamlining your production process.

Combined with an Automatic Tool Change system, the multi spindle drilling head will turn your Multicam CNC router into a complete cabinet fabrication machine.

Chisel Head

Ideal for door manufacturers or processes where a square corner is required. The chisel head is driven in to the material producing a square vertical corner.

Typical applications have the chisel head set up in conjunction with second head and rotary tool change unit. This gives you all the benefits of a multiple tool, multiple head machine.

The fully automatic operation allows for tool changes during the processing of the parts so that you can use multiple profile tools all within the same job.
Due to the integration of the chisel head and the automatic tool change spindle there is no operator intervention required during the machining process
Complex, multi profile components are able to be produced with an almost infinite combination of effects giving you scope to increase your product range and end user appeal.

Pop up location pins

Pop up location pins are another innovative feature, available on all Multicam S Series machines.

The hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials onto the machine. Pop up pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your materials are on straight, and with the full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collision with the pin.

Configure your Multicam machine with a minimum of three pins (three points of contact ensure your materials are on square to the machine), or more depending on your application needs. Because the pins are integrated to the deck of the machine, they are fixed in place and cannot be knocked out of alignment. The steel pins are extremely robust and can stand up to the repeated impacts of locating materials in place on the deck for the life of your machine.

Multiple Heads

The entire range of Multicam CNC routing machines can be fitted dual or multiple heads.

This option means that the heads can either be run in tandem for dual processing, or separately for applications that may require multiple tool processing to complete the job.

The addition of multiple heads can mean considerable savings in processing times and also increase production through streamlined use of tooling.

Surface-to-depth attachment

When precise surface to depth control is required on materials with varying thicknesses, use the surface-to-depth attachment. This option is essential in applications where profile tools, such as rounding over and v-grooving cutters are used. Typically this is in door and cabinet manufacture. Inconsistent material thickness will result in profiles that are not correctly produced giving an uneven appearance to the profile. Operation of the surface-to-depth attachment is fully automatic, or can be manually activated, and works with any of our machine head options.

Material Handling Solutions

High production environments need good material handling. The fully integrated Multicam Material Handling solution consists of a material lifter on to which packs of material are directly placed, an automatic table loading device that places the material on the machine bed, an automatic off loading arm that removes the finished items from the machine bed and an automatic conveyor table that moves the finished items to an off loading point. You can choose the entire system or individual parts. Read more ...


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