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Buying Australian Made best option for Haice Kitchens

Haice Kitchens is a family run business that has been manufacturing kitchens for 20 years. From their new modern premises at Carrum Downs, they service their clients with passion, experience and the knowledge to manufacture to their particular design.

Owners Haissam Ismail and Noura Naim say that their vision from the outset has been to deliver exceptional results and to always offer the best customer service. "Our philosophy is to provide customers with quality kitchens that are functional, elegant and, more importantly, designed for the customers’ home." says Haissam.

The move to the new premises prompted a serious re-think about the machinery they use to realise their objectives. In order to remain competitive in a very competitive market, both Haissam and Noura recognised that they would need to investigate some new machinery. Traditionally having beam saws, it was decided that a CNC routing machine would offer the best solution in terms of productivity and flexibility.

A long and litigious battle with a previous supplier of an imported beam saw, which eventually resulted in a win for Haice Kitchens, has left them very wary of many suppliers and suppliers of imported machinery in particular.

The driving force behind the quality production at Haice Kitchens, brothers Zee and Wazi, say that the poor service and support that they received in the past from their machinery suppliers meant that this was a top priority in any future decision-making process.

There are a couple of CNC router suppliers in close proximity to the Haice Kitchens factory and the decision was made to purchase a Multicam CNC routing machine from Multicam’s Victorian office. Even though there was another brand CNC routing machine supplier virtually across the road, the fact that they were offering imported machinery basically put them out of contention.

"Some of the main factors in our decision to purchase a Multicam machine were that they are fully Australian manufactured, so availability of parts isn’t an issue, if we need them. There is a Multicam office just 20 minutes down the road staffed, by a specialist service team, so we can get prompt response to our needs. Lastly, there are a lot of Multicam machines out there that have been in service for many years." says Haissam.

Noura adds that their experienced designers work with clients to bring the kitchen they imagine in to reality. "We help to create the ideal design and bring their kitchen to life by using the latest design trends, materials and manufacturing processes." says Noura.

Kitchens are manufactured to the clients exact specifications based on their individual requirements. These include taking in to consideration their ideas, lifestyle, design preference and ergonomic needs. Such as adjusting bench heights away from industry "standards", to suit shorter or taller people.

"The Multicam router and software package makes all of this much easier for us, especially for Wazi & Zee, who need to produce the end product."

Cleon Kennedy, Sales Manager for Multicam in Victoria, says that "Just as Haice Kitchens treat the needs of their clients individually, so we approach the needs of our customers in the same manner. Every Multicam owner has their own set of unique requirements, but what they all agree on is that local service, local knowledge and local support is paramount. Of course being Australian Made simply adds to this."

JL Cabinets expand with second Multicam CNC Router

JL Cabinets has been a leading designer and manufacturer of custom domestic and commercial kitchens for businesses and commercial builders for more than 20 years. They pride themselves on providing premium quality, affordable designer kitchens to match the customers’ style of living and taste.

In response to an increase in contracts, and a desire to streamline and modernise the business, JL Cabinets purchased what was to be their first Multicam CNC routing machine in 2010. John Liu, owner of JL Cabinets explains his decision.

“Our work load was increasing so much that we couldn’t hope to continue to meet demand without making some significant changes to our manufacturing processes, so we started looking at CNC routing machinery. In order for us to continue to grow and expand it was important that we purchased wisely. Things such as reliability, value-for-money, expandability, service and support were high on our list of priorities.”

John says that they spent a lot of time researching various CNC routers available before making their decision.

“We decided to purchase a Multicam CNC router because it met all of our criteria and also had the added benefit of being Australian made.” says John. “That first Multicam machine put us in a position that allowed us to continue to expand the business to where it is today.”

Over the last twelve months JL Cabinets has supplied over six hundred kitchens to the Sydney commercial and domestic markets. “Supplying to the commercial market has taken off so much that it now accounts for nearly two thirds of our total output.” adds John “These include high rise and medium density unit constructions.” John believes that is their personal touch that separates them from the competition

This year JL Cabinets took delivery of their second Multicam CNC router, a dedicated nesting machine with a process area of 3600mm x 1800mm.

John says “The decision to buy a second Multicam machine was made because of the increased work load and the type of jobs we were moving in to. This new machine has a full material handling system to cope with the large sheets of material we are dealing with, much to the relief of the guys on the floor. It also has a second head with a drill attachment for faster processing of panels with multiple holes. The barcode scanner integrates perfectly with our design software and eliminates operator errors.”

John says that the decision to buy their second CNC router from Multicam was made as a direct result of the reliability of their first Multicam machine, and the service and support they have received from Multicam.

“We employ 15 people in our business. They all depend on us being able to get product out of the door, so it is reassuring to know that we have the full support of Multicam when we needed.” says John. “We are proud of the fact that we can supply top quality, competitively priced kitchens that are all locally made. Buying an Australian made Multicam machine means that we are dealing with a company that has the same outlook as us and is in turn supporting local industry.”

October 2014 - Commissioning of two 12m long machines at Telwater

Telwater is Australia's leading and largest manufacturer of aluminium boat and trailer packages in the southern hemisphere. Australian owned and operated, Telwater produces up to 30 boats per day and in excess of 12,000 boats and 6,000 trailers annually, supported by approximately 200 dedicated staff.

Telwater specialises in the design and manufacture of Australia's leading aluminium boat brands, Quintrex, Stacer and Savage, as well as Yellowfin plate boats, Savage Fibreglass boats and Vortex engines.

In October we were pleased to partner with Telwater and supply two 12000mm x 1500mm Multicam CNC routing machines. Purchased by Telwater to meet their growing production needs and to augment other aging equipment, the machines were manufactured to Telwater's unique specifications.

Both machines feature a vacuum hold down bed, 10 station travelling rotary tool changer, mist sprayer attachment and integrated chip extraction. They also feature a pneumatically activated integrated clamping system.

The solid construction of the Multicam machines means that they are ideally suited to the heavy duty cutting requirements of aluminium boat manufacturers allowing them to machine aluminium plate at high speeds with excellent edge finish and consistency.

August 2014 - AWISA Trade Show a huge success for Australian manufacturers

Despite a flood of imported machinery from China, Europe and India, AWISA 2014 turned out to be a boon for our Australian manufactured Multicam CNC Routing machines.

Visitors were able to view a fully working  Nested Based Manufacturing work cell in operation complete with automatic loading and unloading of 3600mm x 1800mm whiteboard as used in the kitchen and cabinetmaking industries.

Fitted with Automatic Tool Changer, multiple drill head, barcode scanning, vacuum bed and dust extraction the Multicam SR3618vi proved to be an extremely popular attraction.

The fact that these machines are fully manufactured in Australia and backed by a team of factory trained technicians was seen as a significant factor in the decision-making process of purchasers at AWISA.

Fielding technical questions from visitors were support staff from the offices of Multicam Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, who were also able to demonstrate the technology and features of the Multicam CNC router.

The AWISA trade show is the showcase for machinery and products associated with the timber and woodworking industry. It allows us, as an Australian manufacturer, to demonstrate that we can compete and triumph against foreign imports by offering a world class product with local service and support.

December 2013 - Australian Made profiles Multicam

CNC routing machine manufacturers are a dying breed, but Multicam will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2014, and proudly promotes the Australian Made logo on its products to this day.

The company has approximately 3000 CNC routing machines in the Australian marketplace, custom-designed for cutting timber, plastics, metals and fabrics, in industries ranging from cabinet makers to boat manufacturers.

Multicam credits its success to quality, well-priced products, and the infrastructure it has in place throughout Australia.

“Our point of difference is that we are locally made and locally serviced,” Multicam Founder and Managing Director, Kevin Gordon, said.

“We manufacture our machines in Newcastle, New South Wales, to strict quality and safety standards. The machines are made in different sizes, with different add-ons, for businesses of all sizes. We offer on-site servicing every 3-6 months, and ongoing training and support. We’re also continuously innovating – all of our machines operate under a wireless control system so the software can be updated remotely, and even old machines can be upgraded to remain competitive.”

Multicam proudly displays the Australian Made logo on all of its products, and it has been integrated into all of the company’s marketing campaigns and initiatives. The logo is promoted on Multicam’s website, business cards, promotional materials and uniforms, and Mr Gordon says that it plays a key role in making buyers aware of Multicam’s products.

“The logo is certainly part of the decision making process. It gets us on the shopping list. From there, we stack up price-wise and quality-wise, which seals the deal. We’re extremely proud of our certification and we promote it heavily because we believe in it,” Mr Gordon said.

“It’s readily recognisable, it stands out, and while there are imitations out there, they don’t have the rules and regulations behind them.”

Multicam uses the logo in Australia as well as in export markets, due to increasing demand for Australian Made products.

“We’re selling more products overseas these days, because overseas companies are beginning to realise we make better quality machinery here.”

August 2013 - World acclaimed PANELBuilder software now available

We are pleased to announce that the world renowned PANELBuilder package for the ACM and architectural cladding industries is now available.

The PANELBuilder system is a world leading CNC routing solution designed specifically for the aluminium composite (ACM) market. By combining an advanced, easy to use software solution with a custom machine design, it is now possible to process ACM materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

With the PANELBuilder system you will be able to design and machine finished panels in one flawless operation without the need to move panels from one station to another leaving the panel ready to be folded.

Visit the PANELBuilder web site for details or send us an email for further information.

July 2013 - Second Manufacturing Showcase proves popular

Recently Multicam CNC Routing Systems held the second in a series of nationwide manufacturing showcases at their NSW office in Newcastle. The first showcase was held in Victoria earlier this year and the last showcase for the year is due be held at their Brisbane office later in the year.

The showcases gather together industry suppliers such as Nover, Planit, Nessco, CabMaster, Festool, Allboard Distributors, Alupanel, Huntingdale Power Tools and Logan Leigh Benchtops and allows visitors to see the latest trends and developments in products and materials for the woodworking industry.

Held over a number of days, each of the showcases prominently featured live routing demonstrations on numerous Multicam CNC routing machines, which were routing cabinet carcasses, aluminium composite material, point-of-sale displays and other materials of interest to the visitors.

The manufacturing showcases have proven to be hugely popular to Kitchen manufacturers, Shopfitters, Cabinetmakers as well as the numerous other visitors that attended. Of particular interest was the fully automatic Nested Based Manufacturing work cell which featured automatic sheet loading, machining and conveyor unloading system. The dual head Multicam machine that formed the backbone of this work cell had a 3600mm x 1800mm process area and included a gang drill head for rapidly producing multiple pilot and shelf holes. Of course the NBM work cell can be mated to any size Multicam machine.

“We have found that companies in the woodworking, and other industries, are always keen to see the latest trends and developments occurring within their industry.” Phil Balzan, state sales manager for Multicam Victoria, says. “These showcases are also unique in that we are able to carry out live demonstration in a factory environment and the demonstrations are actually guided by the questions and demands of the attendees.”

Neil Winkcup, state manager for Multicam NSW adds. “Another of the key features of these showcases is that visitors can see how all the products on display interact with each other. They can see how the software works with the Multicam machines to produce their desired result and how the Multicam machines produce their finished parts.” Neil adds that “Visitors can also talk one-on-one with Multicam technicians, in great detail, about the various aspects of using Multicam machines as well as correct tool selection, material and product selection.”

Neil adds that “We also had companies such as Nover and Nessco who were able to showcase the latest trends in fittings and fixtures for cabinet making, whilst new products and materials that can be incorporated in to modern designs were also able to be viewed. These include solid bamboo benchtops from Logan Leigh Benchtops and Aluminium Composite Material from Alupanel.”

Festool and Huntingdale Power Tools also had on display a complete range power hand tools and accessories essential to all cabinet makers.

All visitors that attend the showcases go in to the generous prize draw of laptop computers, software solutions from CabMaster and Planit, holiday vouchers as well as product and service vouchers from the attending industry suppliers.

The showcases have proven to be so popular that Multicam are considering making these a regular event.

July 2012 - Minister for Industry congratulates Multicam

The recent AWISA trade show, held at Darling Harbour in Sydney, allowed Multicam to exhibit and demonstrate their range of Australian made CNC routing machines to members of the woodworking industry.

During the exhibition Sophie Mirabella MP, the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science, visited the Multicam stand to view the only Australian manufactured CNC routing machine on show at AWISA.

In a sea of foreign imports, the minister commented that it was refreshing and encouraging to see an Australian made machine successfully competing with, and beating, machinery manufactured overseas.

When asked by the minister how Multicam was able to compete with cheaper imports from countries such as China and India, spokesman for Multicam, Mr Kevin Gordon replied. "Multicam has a great reputation for providing quality machinery and exceptional service and support. While it is true that imports are sometimes cheaper than our machines, the price advantage is soon negated when you look at the construction of the machines, quality of the components used and the local service and support that we can offer."

"We have heard all sorts of horror stories where companies have purchased machines from overseas. Service, support and spare parts can be a nightmare and the question of quality and reliability still remains."

Ms Mirabella was surprised to learn that Multicam has over 3000 machines in service throughout Australia and Oceania in industries such as kitchen manufacturers, shopfitters, wardrobe and door manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and point-of-sale companies.

The minister congratulated Multicam on their efforts and finished by arranging to visit the Multicam factory to see, first hand, how Multicam machines are manufactured.


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