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Dust Collectors

To promote a safe and clean working environment efficient dust collection is a must. Multicam dust collectors provide a completely integrated solution to the issue of effective dust collection in a compact and versatile design that integrates with all Multicam CNC routers and machines.

MC109 Extra High Performance Self Cleaning Dust Collector

    • Designed for use in industrial environments for extracting different kinds of dust and dry shavings from single or multiple dust sources.
    • The blower, comprising a high efficiency centrifugal fan, is situated on the pure-air side.
    • Fine filter material ensures residual dust content in the air of less than 0.2mg/m3
    • Dust and shavings are separated from the airflow by filters and are separated into the collection bins. Collection bins are fixed within the unit by means of quick-release hooks and can be easily rolled to where the dust and shavings are easily disposed. Sight glass in the collection bins mean you can see when emptying is required.
    • Filter cleaning is automatic*. During the cleaning process, the filters are cleaned automatically by means of a jet of compressed air. The jet cleaning process achieves excellent results.
    • The MC109 features sleeve filters made of needle felt with antistatic treatment to guarantee the maximum efficiency and safety against possible fire and explosion.

    * when used on most Multicam CNC Routers.
Specifications* Model MC-109
Motor 5hp 3Phase
Air Volume - with filter bags 75m3 /min  (2,648 CFM)
Filter Type L-PET, Electric Conductive
No. of Filters 36
Filter Cleaning By air pressure. Compress air required, 6 ~ 8kgs/cm2
Filter Density 5 microns
Collector Bin Volume 0.23m3 x 2
Acoustic Level 82dB
Inlet Diameter 250mm
Overall Dimensions 2900mm x 700mm x 2260mm
Net Weight 600kg

MC105 High Performance Dual Bin Dust Collector

  • Designed for all types of dry wood dust from all popular woodworking machines.
  • New design has pleated filter and plastic dust bag contained in sealed canisters. This reduces toxic, hazardous dust in the air.
  • Pleated filter with large filter area increases filter density to 5microns. A standard bag system has a filter density of approximately 30microns.
  • Cleaning the filter is made easy simply by turning the handle on top of the canister. This rotates a set of cleaning brushes inside the filter.
  • New design incorporates the suction fan after the filter. No damage can be caused to the fan from particles passing through it.
  • Vacuum gauge shows air flow status.
  • Transparent glass window for checking the dust level in the bag.
  • New design incorporates an easily removable, disposable dust collection bag.
  • Dual bin system for quick swap out.
Specifications* Model MC-105
Motor 5hp 3Phase
Air Volume 47.7 cubic metres/min (1683CFM)
Filter Area 8177 cubic centimetres
Filter Density 5 microns
Bag Volume 0.16 cubic metres
Acoustic Level 82dB
Inlet Diameter 150mm (6")main /100mm (4") x 3
Overall Dimensions 1400mm x 621mm x 1750mm
Net Weight 136kg

Other Models Available

Specifications* Model MC-102 Dual Bag Model MC-100 Single Bag
Motor 5hp 3Phase 3hp Single Phase
Air Volume  76 cubic metres/min (2733CFM) 54.5 cubic metres/min (1925CFM)
Bag Volume  0.59 cubic metres 0.15 cubic metres
Inlet Diameter 175mm (6")main /100mm (4") x 4 150mm (6")main /100mm (4") x 3
Packing Dimensions 1450mm x 750mm x 800mm 1150mm x 650mm x 700mm
Nett Weight  115kg 69kg