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Head Office: | Ph: 02 4964 1900
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Productivity Options

Australian made Multicam CNC routing machines and tables are used in all manner of industries from cabinetmaking, shop fitting, point-of-sale, plastic engineering and fabrication, aerospace, sign manufacture, boat building, caravan and motor home manufacture and much much more. We offer a host of industry specific options and attachments that will allow you to expand your business capabilities and get the most from your investment.

Mist Sprayer

Mist SprayerUsed for dispensing cutting fluid in a fine mist for lubrication and cooling. The mist spraying attachment improves cutting performance, increases tool life and improves surface finish. Indispensible when machining aluminium and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode ScannerBarcode scanners are indespensible in high production environments. Used to automatically select a job file and commence machining (including loading and unloading of materials) the barcode scanner will increase productivity by minimising operator input.

Designed to work with any automation software that creates barcodes.

Drag Knifes

Drag KnifeThe drag knife is designed to cut a wide variety of flexible and semi rigid materials. Equipped with a spring loaded glider foot, the drag knife can easily cut materials including paper, thin card board, vinyl, magnet material and mylar.

Designed to load as a standard tool out of the automatic tool changer the drag knife is always readily available.

Machine Aggregates

Machine AggregateMachine aggregates are devices that allow you to expand the capabilities of your machine by adding application specific attachments to your machine spindle.

These include multiple drilling aggregates, edge boring aggregates, saw head attachments, and chisel aggregates.

Pop Up Location Pins

Popup PinsThe hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials onto the machine. Pop up pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your materials are on straight, and with the full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collision with the pin.

The steel pins are extremely robust and can stand up to the repeated impacts of locating materials in place on the deck for the life of your machine.

Multiple Heads

Multiple HeadsAll Multicam CNC routing machines can be fitted with  multiple heads. These can either be run in tandem for dual processing, or separately for applications that may require multiple tool processing to complete the job.

You can combine spindle heads, with tangential knife heads, oscillating knife heads, drilling heads or any other type of aggregate.

Constant Surface-to-depth Attachment

Air Assist AttachmentWhen precise depth control is required on materials with varying thicknesses, such as ACM, use the surface-to-depth attachment. This option is essential in applications where profile tools and v-grooving cutters are used and must maintain a constant depth of cut.

Typically this is in door and cabinet manufacture and grooving of ACM for folding. Operation of the surface-to-depth attachment is fully automatic, or can be manually activated, and works with any of our machine head options.

Print to Cut Vision System

Multicam Vision SystemThe Multicam Vision System is the perfect solution for large format print and cut applications in the sign and display, POS and POP industries. Totally integrated and easy to use, the MVS takes the guesswork out of aligning images on pre-printed panels and their cutting paths.

The camera is able to quickly find and recognise registration marks and automatically adjusts cut paths to compensate for poor material placement, slant, skew and other print distortions.