Air Assisted Constant Depth Attachment

Unique to Multicam CNC routers, the air assisted constant depth floating Z-Axis guarantees that grooves, slots and engraves are uniform across your material, despite variations in material thickness.

Used for accurate material surface to depth control when V-grooving aluminium-polymer composite (ACM) materials such as Alpolic, Alucobond and Die Bond.

The surface to depth system is essential to ensure a constant depth of cut into the material. If the V-Groove is too deep there is a risk of the material splitting when it is folded. If the cut is not deep enough it will be difficult to fold accurately.

The system is automatically activated through software selection of any tool in the automatic tool changer OR can be manually activated at the operators discretion.

The system is also invaluable in other applications, such as the manufacture of routered doors or panels, to ensure that profile tools are kept at their correct depth, thus ensuring a perfect profile over the entire machine bed surface.