Multicam Vision System

The Multicam Vision System (MVS) is the perfect solution for large format print and cut applications in the sign and display, POS and POP industries. Totally integrated and easy to use, the MVS takes the guesswork out of aligning images on pre-printed panels and their cutting paths. Multicam print and cut machines are the perfect solution to your print and cut application.

The Multicam Vision System (MVS) is a high performance, low cost print and cut solution suitable for use on all Multicam machines for a variety of applications. Using a digital video camera mounted on the head of the machine, the power behind the MVS lies in its software which is fully integrated within the new Multicam A2MC machine control system.

The primary application for this system is digital print finishing where the camera is able to quickly find and recognise conventional registration marks and adjust the machine cutting path as necessary to achieve exact alignment with printed shapes.

The MVS is also perfect for applications where jobs may need to be placed back on the machine bed for further or corrective machining after an initial cutting process. This is especially useful in prototyping or where a part may need to be re-machined to fit a space where no original drawings are available.

Compatible with all cutting tool options that can be used on Multicam machines, such as routing heads, oscillating knifes, tangential knifes and even vinyl drag knife tools, the MVS is able to easily handle single or multiple tool machining operations. This allows virtually any printed material to be cut including card, vinyl, rubber, foam, aluminium, wood, acrylic and lots more which opens up many new markets and opportunities for digital printers.