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VIC Office: | Ph: 03 9558 8022
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Head Office: | Ph: 02 4964 1900
VIC Office: | Ph: 03 9558 8022
QLD Office: | Ph: 07 3348 7866


Check out some of our videos showing Multicam CNC routing machines in action.

nbm awisa

Nested Based Manufacturing.

Fast, powerful, reliable, Australian Made CNC routers means more productivity and less work for cabinetmakers.

shaker doors

A Sheet of Shaker Doors.

Make your own Shaker Doors! Take control of lead times. No more outsourcing with Multicam CNC Routers

material loading

Customised Material Loading.

Automatic loading and Squaring of 600mm wide panels. Customised solutions direct from the manufacturer.

robotic loading

Robotic Material Loading.

This robotic arm loads large composite panels on to two purpose builts Multicam CNC routers for in-tandem cutting.


Composite (ACM) cutting made easy.

Cut and groove ACM panel with features, software and accessories exclusive to Multicam CNC routers.

aluminium cutting

High Speed Aluminium Cutting.

High speed aluminium cutting with exceptional chip extraction and high quality edge finish due to machine rigidity.


Machines for Print & Cut.

The game changing Trident CNC router is a must have for companies in the print and display industry.

knifing routing

Routing and Knifing Foam.

Trident cutting machines. Perfect for jobs that require multiple cutting processes, such as routing and knifing.


CNC Machines for Knife cutting.

Oscillating tangential knife heads allow you to cut foam, insulation, rubber and other soft and flexible products.

3d machining

3D machining and Orthotics.

All Multricam CNC routers have full 3D capability as standard. Integrates with all popular 3D software.

hvac ducting

HVAC and Ductboard

Routing and specialist software solutions for the HVAC industry allow for easy cutting of ductboard products.

stainless engraving

Engraving Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel engraving on a Small Format CNC Router. The 1200mm process area make these machines perfect for sign shops.

Custom Built Machines

Factory testing prior to shipping. Dual head machine featuring rotating edge machining aggregate and routing spindle.

door manufacturers pod machine

Door Manufacturers Pod Machine

Bespoke machine for door manufacturers with edge machining capability and moveable vacuum pods.

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