As well as being compatible with all industry standard software products, Multicam Systems has developed a range of industry specific software solutions aimed at providing cost effective design and production capabilities that enable you to get the most from your Multicam CNC routing machine.

Multicam KitchenCAD Pro

Kitchen and Door Manufacture

Quickly and easily create kitchen carcasses by simply entering width, depth and height parameters. Some of the features and options of KitchenCAD Pro include;

  • Includes all standard cupboard units
  • Supports all standard assembly types (including mortise and tennon)
  • Creation of user defined standards
  • Creation of individual components including shelves, end panels and boxes
  • Automatic true shape nesting
  • Automatic tool path generation
  • CAM module
  • Create cut lists, labels and job sheets
  • Optional Door wizard - create your own doors
  • Optional Benchtop Pro - create benchtops to complete your job.
  • Optional Labelling module - makes part identification easy

Multicam EZI Panel Pro

Panel Building Software

Designed specifically to reduce the time needed to create the large quantities of panels for the Aluminium Composite (ACM) and cladding market. EZI Panel eliminates the traditional bottle neck on the design computer. By combining our advanced, easy to use software solution with a Multicam CNC Router, it is now possible to process ACM materials, including solid core faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before. With the Multicam EZI Panel software you will be able to design and machine finished panels in one flawless operation without the need to move panels from one station to another, leaving the panel ready to be folded.


Features of EZI Panel include;

  • Full parametric support
  • Comprehensive parts library
  • Custom Panel Builder - design your own panels
  • CAD design and editing tools
  • Advanced true shape nesting
  • Automatic tool path generation
  • CAM module
  • Create cut lists
  • Optional Labeling module - makes part identification easy

Multicam EZIDuct

Insulation and Ducting Software

EZI Duct is the perfect solution for the quick and easy generation of parts required for the heating and insulation industries from HVAC duct materials such as Ductboard. Kingspan, Koolduct and TD Duct. Using the comprehensive parts library components are designed as folding flat panels allowing the end result to be quickly assembled in to complete parts.


Some of the features of EZI Duct include;

  • Parts library with quick selector wizard
  • Full parametric support
  • CAD design tools for manual adjustment if required
  • Automatic tool path creation and CAM module
  • Optional Labelling module- makes part identification easy


General Purpose CAD/CAM Software

If you don't already have CAD/CAM software Multicam Systems can provide the EnRoute CAM software with your machine purchase. EnRoute software is available in many levels from basic CAM to advanced 3D modelling so you can choose a level to suit your needs. Of course EnRoutecan be upgraded as your requirements change.

EnRouteCAM can act as an interface between your existing design software and the Multicam CNC routing machine by supporting all common file types such as DXF, DWG, SCV, STL, PLT, EPS, AI, BMP, FS, 3DS, MMR and more.

EnRouteis a complete design and toolpathing software package that offers features such as CAD drawing, 3D reliefs, engraving, advanced nesting, automatic tool paths, machining strategies to name a few.