Australian Made CNC Routers for Wood in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney

Australian Made CNC Routers for Wood in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney

When we started trading in CNC routers for woodworking applications across Australia -- from Brisbane and Melbourne to Newcastle and Sydney --, we began with imported machinery. Soon, however, we realised that to provide the best quality machinery to the cabinetmakers, shopfitters, kitchen manufacturers, wardrobe manufacturers, furniture makers and other woodworkers we sold to, we’d need a more creative solution. In the early 1990’s, we introduced our own line of routing machinery, made from high quality material, and crafted right here in Australia.

This way we know that when we send one of our CNC routers for wood off to Melbourne, the buyer will be happy with the machine we crafted. This ability to promise reliability and quality have made Multicam Systems one of the most recognised router manufacturers. When it comes to our woodworking machinery, we’ve aimed to maximise the rigidity and stability required for heavy workloads by using a high quality material such as steel instead of aluminium for the travelling gantry.

Beyond the increased quality and service that comes with buying local, if you order from a supplier such as Multicam, you’ll know that when you buy a CNC router for wood in Sydney that purchase will support industry in and around Sydney. Reducing reliance on imported machinery and supporting local business is just one of the big benefits of going with a locally made machine.

Why the Best CNC Routers for Wood are Made in Australia

Multicam is a completely Australian owned and operated company with offices in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. We’re proud to make our machinery right here in Australia and strive to provide the most cutting-edge options available. We’re able to keep you outfitted with the top technology in routers because we make everything ourselves and are intimately familiar with advances in routing machinery.

One additional benefit of buying a CNC router for your wood needs in Newcastle from a manufacturer right here in Australia is that we can provide on-site repairs and updates easily. So, if new additions or replacement parts will help your machine run better, our service team can come out right away and get it set up. Since we have offices all over the country, it’s easy to get spare parts, maintenance help, or even training from our talented staff anywhere in Australia.

CNC Routers for Wood from Brisbane to Perth

Since we’re able to offer in-depth service all over Australia, it doesn’t matter if you need a CNC router for wood in Perth or anywhere else. Our online inventory makes it easy to buy from where you are. Or, look out for Multicam at trade shows across the country. We enjoy meeting the people who use our machinery and showing our latest products to woodworkers across a variety of industries.

We’re always looking to expand, so staying up to date on big developments in routing machinery is a big part of the Multicam operation. We’re continually updating our designs to answer new problems and applications in the woodworking industry -- and that you get the benefit of early access to the latest designs on the market today.