CNC Routers Across Australia Get an Upgrade, Available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Perth

CNC Routers Across Australia Get an Upgrade, Available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Perth

If you’re familiar with Multicam Systems and the CNC routers we make for Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Perth you know that these machines are synonymous with quality. Long lasting and sturdily made, we craft these machines to stand up to heavy workloads. After all, if you’re investing in this kind of equipment, it’s fair to assume you’re expanding production. This drive towards innovation and expansion is one of the key values Multicam holds. So, if your business is always looking for new ways to improve and wants to be on the cutting-edge of the available technology, we’ll make great partners indeed.

As an Australian owned and operated company, we’re able to offer our customers more than just the initial machine. Whenever you order a CNC router, whether in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, you’ll also get the option to upgrade with us when new technology becomes available for your machine. Since we’re a local company, it’s easy to provide upgrades right where you are. Manufacturing these products ourselves means we know them intimately and we’re always thinking of creative ways to improve our designs. That means more control, more applications, and more precision with each new design we create. Even before all that, our routers provide a level of quality you won’t find elsewhere.

What Makes Multicam the Top CNC Router in Australia

When we manufacture any Multicam CNC router in Newcastle, we start with sturdy and high-quality materials. Rather than skimping to save on costs, we want our machines to be made to the highest standards and to thrive in whatever environment the modern manufacturing world throws at them. In addition to overseeing the whole creation process so closely and keeping abreast of new advancements we can use to improve functionality, we aim for flexibility that lets you use Multicam equipment for new applications as they become relevant to your business. We also provide dedicated service and training on your CNC machine to make the transition easy and upkeep as simple as possible.

The Multicam Upgrade for Australia

Now on top of all that, we’ve upgraded the software used to control every CNC router from Perth to Sydney to Brisbane. The A2MC controller gives you the highest level of machine control capabilities available on the market today. A few of the key features that make this upgrade so exciting are the ability to connect through a standard network, which makes file transfer much easier, and compatibility with virtually any CAM package.

This new controller was featured in the CNC routers we had at Sydney’s Visual Impact trade show. We showed attendees how the system’s ultra-smooth, high-speed processing of 3D files made sign and display applications easier than ever to process. You can see a video of all this in action here. Look out for how drastically this updated controller reduces the bounce and vibration present when the machine accelerates or decelerates quickly. For any precision work, these improvements are vital. We’re excited to see more businesses embrace the upgraded version of our Multicam products and we’ll continue to find new improvements for every system we offer from Newcastle to Melbourne.