Expand Your CNC Machine with Upgrades for Drilling, Tool Switching and More – Available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Throughout Australia

Expand Your CNC Machine with Upgrades for Drilling, Tool Switching and More – Available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Throughout Australia

Think about your factory or workshop. Which equipment or systems are most vital to the productivity and overall bottom line of your business? Which pieces of equipment could be improved or expanded? And if you were to look for an upgrade for one of your systems, what kind of features would you be seeking?

At Multicam Systems, we might be able to help. Since the early 1980s, we have been selling CNC machines to businesses just like yours. If you need a CNC cutting machine or a CNC drilling machine in Australia, we are the company to call. By offering extremely versatile solutions for cutting, drilling, shaping, moulding, or processing a range of materials—including wood, metal, and plastic—we have been able to play a role across many industry sectors. From aerospace and automotive companies to architecture firms to sign makers, countless businesses have relied on our systems to automate their operations and uncover new revenue potential.

Expand Your Systems with Accessories and Tools

A CNC cutting machine from Multicam Systems is, by itself, a huge boon for the efficiency and scalability of any manufacturing company. Sometimes, though, the standard router machine may not have all the features you need.

Say your company manufactures cabinets for the residential market. In addition to cutting, carving, and shaping, you need a way to turn your CNC cutting machine into a CNC drilling machine. The problem is that finding dedicated CNC drilling machines in Perth or Brisbane isn’t as easy as finding a router or nesting machine.

At Multicam Systems, we can help. We offer accessories and add-on tools geared to several of the industries we serve, cabinetmaking included. If you need a CNC drilling machine in Sydney or Newcastle, just ask about our multi-spindle drill head attachments. These tools are meant for components that require many precisely spaced holes. In cabinetmaking, you may require numerous holes for aesthetic purposes, for shelving or something else. Regardless of your intended use, Multicam Systems sells the parts necessary to build the CNC drilling machine your Melbourne or Perth business needs.

We sell other tools and accessories, too. For sign makers, for instance, we have a sophisticated Multicam Vision System (MVS) which can align images perfectly on pre-printed panels. We also offer tools for dust collection, tool switching, lubrication during metal cutting, and more. Visit the accessories page on our website to learn more about these extra tools.

Get the CNC Drilling Machine You Need in Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth or Anywhere in Australia

What’s better than a high quality, highly efficient CNC cutting machine? A CNC routing machine that can switch functions depending on what you need. If you need your CNC machine to become a CNC drilling machine, Multicam Systems can provide the necessary accessories. Whether your business is in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle or anywhere else in Australia, we can help you expand your machine to suit your needs. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in learning more.