How Universities, Colleges and Trade Training Facilities Can Benefit from Having Their Own CNC Routing Machines or Flatbed Router Machines

How Universities, Colleges and Trade Training Facilities Can Benefit from Having Their Own CNC Routing Machines or Flatbed Router Machines

For the most part, education is theoretical. Students go to lectures to hear the basic ideas behind subjects or professions. They read books to understand these concepts more fully. They engage in group discussions to parse ideas and explore them together. A smaller part of education—at least at most colleges and universities—is the hands-on practical side of things. For a range of reasons—such as truncated course lengths and insufficiencies of equipment—educational environments often don’t stress hands-on experience as much as they should. As a result, students frequently graduate and enter the workforce without the skills they need most to succeed in their chosen career paths.

At Multicam Systems, we can help higher education institutions throughout Australia avoid his kind of fate. By selling a variety of CNC router machines, we can help (and have helped) colleges, universities and trade training facilities create more hands-on student experiences. The result is a smarter workforce readier to take on the challenges of professional life.

Where Are CNC Routing Machines and Flatbed Routers Relevant?

Of course, not every classroom needs a CNC routing machine or a flatbed router. These types of equipment aren’t often relevant to students who are majoring in English or preparing for careers in business administration.

However, the number of subjects or career paths where knowledge of routing machines can come in handy is quite vast. Different types of Multicam CNC routers are used for processing and cutting all types of flat sheet products, from timber to plastics to laminates to whiteboards. In virtually any career that involves engineering, manufacturing or design, knowledge about how to use a router machine—or at least about how a router machine works—is invaluable.

For instance, a flatbed router is a crucial machine for metalworking and processing. Enterprises such as aerospace manufacturers, automotive companies, boat builders, and mould makers frequently use flatbed routers to build high quality components out of brass, aluminium, copper, and other metals. Getting a chance to work with a flatbed router machine, then, is vital experience for any student hoping to pursue a career in one of these industries.

A CNC nesting machine, meanwhile, is a go-to machine for cabinetmakers, kitchen designers, and shopfitters. For the architects, furniture designers and builders of tomorrow, learning how to use one of these CNC routing machines today can mean greater employability and superior job prospects in the future.

Prepare Your Students for Their Careers by Bringing the Right Equipment into the Learning Experience

Ultimately, the job of any college, university or trade school is to prepare its students for their chosen career paths. Theory and knowledge is part of that, but hands-on experience and technical skills arguably account for a much bigger part. For technical fields that focus on design, engineering, or manufacturing, learning how to use CNC nesting machines, flatbed routers and other types of CNC routing machines is incredibly valuable.

If your educational institution focuses on these subjects or career paths, you can serve your students better by purchasing the right equipment from Multicam Systems. Reach out about your educational needs today.